Slumber Bugs Paperswatch Calendar 2019

Hold these Paperswatch calendar in your hand, and feel the passion in each and every pieces of the handmade paper.
The two talented artists from Slumber Bugs (Wai-Ee and Li En) worked hard in producing these limited edition 2019 calendars, they have put in so much time and effort in order to bring these beautiful calendar to you. Each piece of handmade papers in these calendars are not the same, they are made from different materials, ranging from banana, pandan, rose tea, a pair of jeans, avocado and more! We are really amazed and inspired by these beautiful calendars and also by Wai-Ee and Li En on their passion and determination, and we’re sure that you will too!

Size:: Approximately 16.5cm x 6.5cm
Material: 13 pieces of different handmade papers for 12 months + cover; each blend of these paper have its own story and personality, and every pieces is not the same like the other.
Remarks: All of Slumber Bugs’ papers are made of off-cuts collected from various printers, while papers made with plants are also harvested locally.
Remarks: Colours of papers may differ slightly due to different lighting condition during photoshooting.
Proudly made in Malaysia

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Weight 28 g

Slumber Bugs

Slumber Bugs is a handmade paper + screen print studio co-founded by 2 graphic designers, Wai-Ee & Li En. One of us majored in editorial design and another majored in branding but both fell in love with hand craftsmanship.
 We love making things. The idea of getting our hands dirty, feeling the pulp run thru our fingers, the physical movement that transfers ink onto paper is what we fell in love with. During our school days, many of us would experience making recycled newspaper. But handmade paper is so much more than that. Fibers that are suitable for paper making can be found almost everywhere in Malaysia. From sugar cane waste to corn husk, pandan leaves to rice straws from paddy plantation. Our inspiration is to use what is around us and make something truly ours. We believe identity is very important. Malaysia has never known for paper making. Perhaps now, we can finally call it our own. On the other hand, screen printing is a type of stencil printing where ink passes through a mesh screen onto a flat surface. To us, screen printing is how we express ourselves.It is a design process. Layer by layer, we transfer what is our mind onto the piece of paper. and unlike a digital printing machine, every piece would be imperfectly perfect. With our products and services, we hope that one day, Slumber Bugs will become a platform for all people to connect thoughts, experiences and skills. Best regards, Slumber Bugs