Shachihata Iromoyo Ink Pads – 24 colours

Shachihata Iromoyo Ink Pads are available in 24 beautiful Japanese traditional colors.

The Shachihata Iromoyo Ink Pads are oil-based ink pads which are well-known for their fast-drying property and produce fine and clear imprints.
The ink also does not bleed through most papers, and therefore are suitable for different types of paper projects.

The ink pad is made of special cotton cloth which is durable, unlike those hollow ones in the contemporary office ink pads.
The casing of the ink pads are also thoughtfully designed and are suitable for stacking, thus making it perfect for collection.

These useful and beautiful ink pads will definitely be a lovely collection on your desk.

Size: 63 x 40 mm

Weight 50 g