Msbulat’s Rubber Stamps – Leaf it to Me 葉!我搞定!

Msbulat a.k.a Estee is a Malaysian illustrator well known for her girls illustrations.
She has a pair of magic hands which turn even the most ordinary things into something cute and adorable!
Her rubber stamps are suitable for everyday use, especially to add some nice touches onto your diary and journals.

Size: 4 x 3cm
Material: Laser engraved rubber on wood handles
Proudly made in Malaysia

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Weight 30 g


Estee a.k.a msbulat is an illustrator based in Malaysia. Her artwork revolves around her everyday observations and are usually warm, colorful, and packed with loads of cuteness in them! She also enjoys doodling, especially in drawing adorable little girls, which leads to the production of some unique and beautiful merchandises such as stickers and more, coming soon!