Monokoto Store x Allez Circus Washi Tape
Cute deer of Miyajima are hiding between the clouds.

Monokoto Store is a Select Store based in Hiroshima, Japan.Their goal is to spread Japanese values including the sense of beauty, heart of hospitality and devotion in making the best quality products to all over the world.

These washi tapes are the collaborations between Monokoto Store and Allez Circus/Koji Nagai , Hiroshima based graphic and collage artist.
ALLEZ CIRCUS is a design studio company run by Koji Nagai and his partner, Naoko. Nagai is an artist specialized in collage design.
Their unique world view is very attractive and a new sensation for us.

Size: 20mm (width) x 10m (length)
Designed by Allez Circus
Made in Japan

Weight 25 g

Monokoto Store