Mocolier Message Cards – Alpine Plants
20 pieces of palm-sized picture book-style message cards in a mini matchbox.

Product Details:
Contents: 20 mini message cards per box
There are 12 kinds of alpine plants patterns – Miyama Dadamaki, Dicentra, Hakusankozakura, Touyakurindo, Rabbit, Chishimagikyo, Chonosukesou, Kibananocomanotsume, Iwagami, Tsugazakura, Shisotanso, Spider Cardinal. (Alpine plants, which bloom beautiful flowers in a harsh environment, have a charming and elegant appearance.)
Message cards – 4cm × 5cm × 5cm
Box Outer size – 4.5cm x 5.5cm
Materials: Paper
Made In Japan

Weight 25 g