La Fete Foraine Series – Billets Etiquettes Box Set

La Fete Foraine Series is a collaboration between Journal Pages and Hiroko Uno from lamp x paperi.
This series is regarding a fictitious Amusement Park in France in the olden days.

Product Details:
Content: 12 rolls of mini paper labels in 6 ink colors (blue, purple, yellow-green, red, black, brown); 2 designs for each color. This label paper is designed to be used according to your needs, whether it is to be kept connected or cut one by one.
Box Size: Approximately 7.3 cm in diameter x 3 cm height.
Paper Size: Approximately 3.3 x 29.5 cm
Made in Japan

Background/ Ideas of this series:
La Fete Foraine Invitation Spécial is an invitation ticket to the amusement park, such as Merry-go-round (Manege), Ferris Wheel (Grande Roue) and Roller coaster (Montagnes Russes). Each ticket is only valid for a ride!
All passengers must have a valid ticket at the attractions.
The Receipt rubber stamp is stamped on the presented ticket as proof of used ticket.
La Fete Foraine Billets Etiquettes box set is roll of ticket label in a black box, like a souvenir bakes sweets.
Get this as a present before leaving the amusement park!

Weight 60 g

Journal Pages