Kamiterior Memoterior Paper Pads {Kinaco/ Suke/ Siccocu}

Kamiterior is a Japanese paper brand that focuses in producing paper products. Kamiterior means ‘paper’ & ‘interior’.
The Memoterior series includes a variety of papers with different style, weight and textures. You may play with the different kinds of papers for all your crafty projects such as scrapbooking, journaling, gift packaging etc. Each type of paper gives a different feeling to your project.

Product Details:
Each paper pad consist of 100 sheets of papers
Each sampler pack consists of 20 sheets of papers
1. Kinaco/ Craft (10 patterns, 10 sheets each)
2. Kinoco/ Craft Sampler Pack (10 patterns, 2 sheets each)
3. Suke (5 patterns, 20 sheets each)
4. Suke/ Suke (5 patterns, 4 sheets each)
5. Siccocu/ Sumi (10 patterns, 10 sheets each)
6. Siccocu/ Sumi (10 patterns, 2 sheets each)
Size: 12.8cm x 9cm (B7 size)
Content: 100 sheets per pad

Weight 80 g