Black Milk Project – Mini Stickers

These beautiful Black Milk Project Mini Stickers are illustrated by the Black Milk Project’s Founder – Wei Tieng.
She loves all things quirky and whimsical and this can be clearly reflected from her unique art style.
Use these colorful stickers as decorations in your journals, gift packaging, or just stick them on anything at all.
We’re sure that these stickers will lift up your mood and brighten up your days!

Size: Approximately 10cm x 7cm
Material: Transparent Stickers
Proudly Made in Malaysia

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Weight 10 g

Black Milk Project

There is unprecedented enthusiasm among the community today for re-discovering their inner-child creativity. Black Milk Project aims to be the entrepreneurial springboard for both art enthusiasts and local artists & crafters alike - a platform for collaboration, experimentation and conversation. a space for inspirations, ingenuity, curious imaginations and limitless possibilities. founded by wei tieng in 2013, black milk project is her creative playground where all imaginative friends come alive and rainbow unicorns fly! why black milk project? • because we love everything whimsical and quirky. • because we’re 10% milk, and 90% fun. • because we sell art, not milk. • because we’re cool like that.