Bingka Teh C Peng Pouch

Featuring the Kuching Special, Teh C Peng print in pouch form! With a bright contrast zipper and a cheerful Window Grill Print lining inside.Its blistering hot outside, so come on in and quench your thirst with our new Teh C Peng concoction. Given a black peppery twist our fun pouch is sure to spice up your day! A trusty companion, it’ll hold your essentials together wherever you go.

Product Details:
Materials: Silkscreen printed canvas
Dimension: 9″x6″

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Weight 50 g


Bingka started in December 2015 with the goal of creating affordable and original silkscreen-printed designs. Bingka's vision is to enrich living spaces and help build an appreciation for Malaysian art through their take on lifestyle products.